cu sith mythology dogCu Sith is a new resource for finding and sharing information and ideas about mythological themes from ancient and modern life. To think more deeply, and more creatively, we reflect upon the essence of Cu Sith.

Cu Sith is the name of the legendary green dog of faerie purported to inhabit the highlands of Scotland. It was said that the Cu Sith was larger than a bull, with a long, braided tail, and was intent upon driving fertile women into faerie mounds in order to provide milk towards those within.

More broadly, Cu Sith is a symbol of the region of faerie as it exists in the minds of all human beings, whether they live in the highlands of Scotland or not. It represents the realm of myth, which does not truly aim to tell the literal truth of the world, but does translate the world into a symbolic form through which the structure of the world can be reconsidered.

Symbolic reconsideration of the world through the review of myths from around the world is the goal of the Cu Sith web site. In pursuit of this goal, we will hold no single myth in higher esteem than others, and treat no myth as permanent, fixed, and untouchable. In the examination of myth, no mythical doctrines must be allowed to dominate. It is better to let the symbols speak for themselves, as playful as they may be.

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